Final Month of Coordination- Not just a day!

We have many brides tell us that they have all the vendors lined up, they just need us there on the day to coordinate. As you know there are many moving parts to your day. You have spent many hours poring over the details making sure everything is ready. Asking us to come in only for your wedding day without any preparations is like building a house with no plans or taking a final exam without ever opening the book. We have broken this process into two major parts; Preparation & Coordinating.

Preparation is what happens about 1-2 months before your big day. That’s when we meet with our brides, go over all the details. Make sure nothing has been forgotten in the planning stages- there is always something, usually the small details like forks and plates for your cake.  It’s the timeline, vendor arrival times, set-up, final walk-throughs and getting the entire day of your wedding broken out into tasks, lists and timelines.  It’s talking with your vendors, making sure we are all on the same page and schedule. It’s actually one of my favorite parts of planning!

Coordinating is the magic that happens the WEEK OF and DAY OF the wedding; deliveries to the venue, vendors executing various tasks, decor being set and styled, and so much more. We are the one that is there answering all the vendors questions as to the where does this go, what is the plan and so many more. We are that contact person that they look to for answers and to have solutions to all the odd stuff that comes up.

On average, a planners/coordinators wedding day is at least 10 hours long – usually 12-15. This is in addition to the 20-35 hours of prep time that we have spent before your day. Wedding day is NO JOKE and there’s a thing we in the industry call the “wedding hangover” for a reason. But that’s our job, as your planner/coordinator. We take on the logistics of the Preparation and the carrying-out of day-of with Coordination. I don’t want you to see any mishaps; they’ll happen, but you won’t know. I want the day to feel effortlessly beautiful and for you to truly have the time of your life… you’ve worked hard, you’ve planned your heart out & I want you and your sweetheart to have the best day. We will be the one bouncing all night between you, the photographer, the DJ and the catering/venue staff making sure music is cued, cameras are in position and you have a chance to pee before you cut the cake.

Without the prep work of the month prior to your day this execution cannot happen in the seamless manor that our events are known for. Our brides that talked us into just the day of when we were starting out always said when it was done now they understand why we need the prep time to make sure all the details are taken care of and they can relax and soak in the day that is meant to celebrate their love, not answering a ton of questions and making decisions. Let us take care of you and the details, it will be so worth it!