3 Hottest Fall Trends 2016

Every bride LOVES to know what the next season’s trends will be. I get to tell you what some of my favorite new trends are going to be! Let’s get started.


His and Hers Cocktails.

This has been a trend for a while now but I still love it. Every person is unique. Especially in their taste for alcohol! I love how brides and grooms can make a signature cocktail that is so them. It is their special day and I think it is neat that they can bring this unique feature into their day.



ButterCream Cakes / Naked Cakes.

Okay, we all know why we go to weddings…..food, drinks & CAKE. The buttercream icing is making a comeback which I LOVE LOVE LOVE! It sure is one of my favorite kinds of icing! Also, the naked cakes are something new in the past year or so. It is a unique way to bring elegance and beauty to a cake. It can also be rustic and so many other things!



Wedding Hastags.

Oh the wedding hashtags. Since Instagram has gotten big in the past four years, hashtags have taken over! Now, once couples get engaged the first thing they figure out is their wedding hashtag. It is a neat way to see all the pictures your friends and family take and post throughout the whole wedding process and on your BIG day.



I can’t wait to see what all of our brides to for their cocktails, cakes, & wedding hashtags!


Much Love,

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