7 Unique Wedding Favors

What are wedding favors?

Well, wedding favors are typically a small gift that the bride and groom want to give to their guest to thank them for attending their weddings. Since, bride and grooms have been doing this the gifts become more and more unique. The favor is usually something that kind of represent the bride and groom in some way. I am going to give you a list of 7 unique wedding favors that I think every guest would enjoy!


1. Mini Bar in a Jar!



What a cool little gift! The bride and groom typically would put their favorite type of alcohol in these to make it unique to them.


2. Mason jar or any type of glass!



With these the bride and groom can add their monogram or their wedding date so that when their guest uses these glasses again they will remember their wedding and how much fun they had.


3. Custom Wine Stopper!


This is a super cute favor because people always need wine stoppers or they can use it as a decorative piece in their home.

4. Personalized Margarita Salt


For those who LOVE margaritas, this is the perfect and favor them!



5. Blanket or Shawl!


If your wedding happens to be in one of those cooler months these gifts are perfect for that!

6. Wedding Soundtrack of your Special Day!


Guest love having something that is special to the bride and groom so why not make a music soundtrack and let them think of you every time they listen to it.

7. Custom Temporary Bridal Tattoos


Last but not least, this idea of having custom temporary tattoos is super unique and customizable to the bride and groom. Also, you don’t just have to have one kind of tattoo you can have multiples!

I know there are tons of different wedding favors out there! These are just a few that I thought were super cute and unique at this time. There is not one specific way to do wedding favors. You can go BIG or you can go small! Either way, wedding favors are fun for the guest and they always enjoy what they get!