Final Month of Coordination- Not just a day!

Final Month of Coordination- Not just a day!

We have many brides tell us that they have all the vendors lined up, they just need us there on the day to coordinate. As you know there are many moving parts to your day. You have spent many hours poring over the details making sure everything is ready. Asking us to come in only for your wedding day without any preparations is like building a house with no plans or taking a final exam without ever opening the book. We have broken this process into two major parts; Preparation & Coordinating.

Preparation is what happens about 1-2 months before your big day. That’s when we meet with our brides, go over all the details. Make sure nothing has been forgotten in the planning stages- there is always something, usually the small details like forks and plates for your cake.  It’s the timeline, vendor arrival times, set-up, final walk-throughs and getting the entire day of your wedding broken out into tasks, lists and timelines.  It’s talking with your vendors, making sure we are all on the same page and schedule. It’s actually one of my favorite parts of planning!

Coordinating is the magic that happens the WEEK OF and DAY OF the wedding; deliveries to the venue, vendors executing various tasks, decor being set and styled, and so much more. We are the one that is there answering all the vendors questions as to the where does this go, what is the plan and so many more. We are that contact person that they look to for answers and to have solutions to all the odd stuff that comes up.

On average, a planners/coordinators wedding day is at least 10 hours long – usually 12-15. This is in addition to the 20-35 hours of prep time that we have spent before your day. Wedding day is NO JOKE and there’s a thing we in the industry call the “wedding hangover” for a reason. But that’s our job, as your coordinator. We take on the logistics of the Preparation and the carrying-out of day-of with Coordination. I don’t want you to see any mishaps; they’ll happen, but you won’t know. I want the day to feel effortlessly beautiful and for you to truly have the time of your life… you’ve worked hard, you’ve planned your heart out & I want you and your sweetheart to have the best day. We will be the one bouncing all night between you, the photographer, the DJ and the catering/venue staff making sure music is cued, cameras are in position and you have a chance to pee before you cut the cake.

Without the prep work of the month prior to your day this execution cannot happen in the seamless manor that our events are known for. Our brides that talked us into just the day of when we were starting out always said when it was done now they understand why we need the prep time to make sure all the details are taken care of and they can relax and soak in the day that is meant to celebrate their love, not answering a ton of questions and making decisions. Let us take care of you and the details, it will be so worth it!


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What to do when you get ENGAGED!

Did you recently get engaged?

How EXCITING! This will be one of the most special times in your life.

Here are some tools and tips that will help you right after you love pops the question.


You will only be engaged once so enjoy this time with your fiancé before all the crazy wedding planning starts.


Pick a date that is special to you an your fiancé.


Not everyone has an unlimited budget for their wedding so make a plan on what you want to spend on each item so you can stay in your budget.


Make sure you look around and get all the information you can before booking your venue. There are TONS of great places out there.



If your budget allows it, hire a wedding planner. They will be there to help will all the details and make sure your day goes as you planned. 



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5 Things you can only do with a winter wedding

Well Hellooooo December... What a wonderful month it is. Here are 5 wonderful things you get to do because you are having a winter wedding!


1. Using fake snow for your exit. How Fun!


2. Use a cozy fur shawl to keep you warm!


3. Have a hot chocolate bar!


4. You can use christmas decor in your wedding!



5.  Play christmas music throughout the dinner of your reception!


Everyone loves Christmas Time.. so enjoy your time with family and friends during this holiday season!


With Love,

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Venue Tour Tips

It is SOOOO important to do your research on a venue before you go and see them! Also, make sure you are getting what you pay for. Here are some tips to think about before you pick your DREAM venue.


1. Kitchen

If you are having to bring in outside vendors for your wedding make sure that the kitchen is well equipped for what you are wanting. Such as a deep freeze for ice, fridge for the food, and sink for dishes. 

2. Parking

If having a shuttle is NOT in your budget then make sure there is enough parking for your guest count. Also, make sure there is room for your vendors.

3. Bridal/Groom suites

Make sure that where you are getting has plenty of room for the wedding party to get ready. It is also nice to have a groom's suite with a TV.

4. Ceremony Aisle

Make sure that the ceremony aisle is an easy walk so you don't have to worry about tripping or ripping your dress while walking down it.

5. Closing Time

When looking at venues make sure that you know their rules on what time you have to be out of the venue with it all cleaned up. Assign people to help clean up if you do not hire a crew to do so.



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Unplugged Weddings

First off…. What is an unplugged wedding?

Well , it means NO PHONES! Oh my! What will we ever do without our phones? A lot actually! You will pay attention to the processional instead of taking pictures of the bride walking down the aisle. You will get to feel the emotion of the bride and groom saying their vows to each other. To me I would want everyone to look at me in real time instead of through their phone. Not to mention, there is a professional photographer there to take pictures.  You wouldn’t want your professional pictures of you walking down the aisle and see everyone taking pictures of you instead of actually looking at you? It may just be me but… I LOVE the idea of having an unplugged wedding ceremony!



Much Love,

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3 Hottest Fall Trends 2016

Every bride LOVES to know what the next season’s trends will be. I get to tell you what some of my favorite new trends are going to be! Let’s get started.


His and Hers Cocktails.

This has been a trend for a while now but I still love it. Every person is unique. Especially in their taste for alcohol! I love how brides and grooms can make a signature cocktail that is so them. It is their special day and I think it is neat that they can bring this unique feature into their day.


ButterCream Cakes / Naked Cakes.

Okay, we all know why we go to weddings…, drinks & CAKE. The buttercream icing is making a comeback which I LOVE LOVE LOVE! It sure is one of my favorite kinds of icing! Also, the naked cakes are something new in the past year or so. It is a unique way to bring elegance and beauty to a cake. It can also be rustic and so many other things!


Wedding Hastags.

Oh the wedding hashtags. Since Instagram has gotten big in the past four years, hashtags have taken over! Now, once couples get engaged the first thing they figure out is their wedding hashtag. It is a neat way to see all the pictures your friends and family take and post throughout the whole wedding process and on your BIG day.


I can’t wait to see what all of our brides to for their cocktails, cakes, & wedding hashtags!


Much Love,

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7 Unique Wedding Favors

What are wedding favors?

Well, wedding favors are typically a small gift that the bride and groom want to give to their guest to thank them for attending their weddings. Since, bride and grooms have been doing this the gifts become more and more unique. The favor is usually something that kind of represent the bride and groom in some way. I am going to give you a list of 7 unique wedding favors that I think every guest would enjoy!


1. Mini Bar in a Jar!

What a cool little gift! The bride and groom typically would put their favorite type of alcohol in these to make it unique to them.


2. Mason jar or any type of glass!


With these the bride and groom can add their monogram or their wedding date so that when their guest uses these glasses again they will remember their wedding and how much fun they had.


3. Custom Wine Stopper!

This is a super cute favor because people always need wine stoppers or they can use it as a decorative piece in their home.

4. Personalized Margarita Salt

For those who LOVE margaritas, this is the perfect and favor them!



5. Blanket or Shawl!

If your wedding happens to be in one of those cooler months these gifts are perfect for that!

6. Wedding Soundtrack of your Special Day!

Guest love having something that is special to the bride and groom so why not make a music soundtrack and let them think of you every time they listen to it.

7. Custom Temporary Bridal Tattoos

Last but not least, this idea of having custom temporary tattoos is super unique and customizable to the bride and groom. Also, you don’t just have to have one kind of tattoo you can have multiples!

I know there are tons of different wedding favors out there! These are just a few that I thought were super cute and unique at this time. There is not one specific way to do wedding favors. You can go BIG or you can go small! Either way, wedding favors are fun for the guest and they always enjoy what they get!


Why is a wedding coordinator so important?

As any bride knows, planning a wedding can be a large amount of work. There are endless amounts of decisions to make, and they're all the more daunting for brides and grooms who are inexperienced with putting together such a big event. Sometimes one of the best steps a couple can take is to hire a wedding planner if they are looking for a professional to assist them with this process.

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